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Driving & Racing, Submitted August 29, 2001

Attention To Detail -by (Name Withheld by Request)

If driver does not drive close to edge of track: Get a rope about 6 feet
long, tie to rear axel. Walk the driver down the Race hill. Stop every 10
feet. Ask the driver how close to the edge they think they are. Let them
look to see how close they are really. After getting the driver very close
to edge of track, and they know it, have them move out to the distance you
want them to drive.

On starting ramps, seconds before the paddle drops, car handler can place
finger above the front wheel  on the side that the driver is going out on
so driver gets to see were the wheel is, just prior to leaving.

Make sure nothing is touching body of Stock and Superstock Division cars,
fairings, steering cables, stabilizer bars etc.

Make sure you have 3 lbs of small ballast in amounts as small as 1/4 lb.In
somekind of bag or container near the scales (with name and address on it
in case you leave them behind.

If driver can get lower by placing hands in front (on top) of steering, it
is time to move the steering forward.

Place cross bind adjustment (feeler gauge) between washers, not under
washer. If placed under washers ontop of floorboard, the feeler gauge will
be pushed into the wood floorboard.

Sand fairing .002 to .003 thinner than axle paint with primer, paint and
clear coats to make them the exact thickness of the axle.

Triangulation is VERY important. Stabilizers bars in stock class should
ring when tapped with finger.

Toe +.001 to -.002 is best.

Camber .000 dry for Akron and camber .000 wet is best at most other venues.
Wet is at race weight and measured with axle on some kind of axle stands that
applies the weight to the spindle, and dry is without driver, with no weight
on the spindles.  The spindles bend out when weight is applied causing a negative
camber situation. 

Do not sand spindles with 600 grit sand paper. (Makes them not round!)

Mothers wheel polish works best on spindles.

Sand axles with 1500 grit sand paper (and water) to make shiny, then polish
with Mothers wheel polish.

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