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Using Lights to check for Crossbind  -by Amanda Karr

Using this method of checking for crossbind what you are doing is turning your axle into a switch. Four persision blocks are required. These blocks need to be perfectly equal to one another. You need a minimum of a very level slate top pool table for this crossbind checking method. Best is a surface plate. Once you have it hooked up you use a fulcrum much like the gadget you see people at the All American moving the cars around with. Put the fulcrum under the floorboard centered and on the flat formica. Raise the car up (whether it be your on the front or the rear) You can only do one end at a time. Now slowly lower the car and watch your light box. The lowest side of the axle will turn on the coresponding light. Make the necessary adjustment until both lights come on at the same time. (See Diagram Below)

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