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Derby Tips - by Sam Ellis (Submitted February 25, 2002)


Here are a few tips that I learned while competing in the stock division:

1.    My dad would tell me to bend over every day and touch my toes for ten minutes.  This helped me to get down real low in my racer and cheat the wind.

2.    Tape your helmet adjustment strap.  One time I was in a race, and the wind blew my helmet over my eyes and I couldn’t see.

3.    Bring a bathroom scale to the race.  This way you can keep track of your weight, and you’ll be able to eat and drink without going over your race weight.  Some days it gets real hot at the track.

4.    Stay calm and try to relax while you are at the races.  Bring a folding chair, and a Game Boy and just relax.  You can’t drive your best if you are tense.

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