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Ordering Your Car - Submitted by, Ian Carsten

Now that you’ve decided on the division you’re racing in, its time to order your car kit. But there are a few things to consider before placing the order. Since the kit doesn’t include wheels, you must order a set. And you must have an AASBD helmet. So add that to your list. The car, helmet, and wheels are all that’s absolutely required to build and race your car. But don’t place the order yet. Read the related article “Spare Parts for Derby Racers”. It explains that several parts are small and easily lost or prone to wear out.

You may not want to keep an extensive inventory of spare parts when you first start racing. That makes perfect sense. You have to race awhile to see how important it is to you. Then, after a season of racing, you may want to get a reasonable supply of spare parts to ensure you won’t be forced out of a race for want of a lost, broken, or worn out part.

Even so, a beginning racer should have a minimum of 30 ~ 60 spare wheel washers, and 20 ~ 40 wheel clips. You will be swapping wheels many times while racing and these parts often get lost in the process. Also, if you race on a fast track without an uphill runnout area beyond the finish line to scrub off excess speed, then you could easily wear out a brake pad during a weekend rally. Do yourself a favor and buy at least 10 spare brake pads and at least two complete sets of screws, nuts and lock washers for them when you place your initial car order.

First-time builders often have to change the position of the brake pedal one or more times to properly fit the driver to the car. If you do this after you’ve already trimmed the brake cable to length, you’ll have to scramble to get another cable. Order a couple of spare cables with your kit. They’re cheap and having a couple of spares will save you a lot of frustration should you need them.

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