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Bushing Warning - Submitted by, Ian Carsten

We’ve examined several kingpin bushings lately with a serious defect. The hole is drilled at an angle through the bushing. This could cause significant crossbind if such a bushing is installed with the hole angled towards the side of the car. These bushings are easy to spot. Look carefully at each end of the bushing. The hole at each end should appear centered. If the hole at one end is centered, while the other one is off-center, then the hole is drilled at an angle to the axis of the bushing. Don’t use it. Obtain a replacement and verify it is correct before installing it into the floorboard. Once a bushing is epoxied into the board, it usually can’t be removed without spoiling the board. And any attempt to repair damage caused by drilling out a glued-in bushing usually makes the board illegal for competition.

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