Todd Wetzel was the first in his family to start racing in 1981 out of the Lehigh Valley, PA, Derby Association, and his youngest brother Drew still races today. Todd's interests, many of which were fostered through his experiences in the Soap Box Derby, led to him studying Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech, culminating with his Ph.D. in 1996. Todd applied his lessons from the Derby in helping to design one of Virginia Tech's solar cars and in building ultra-light-weight composite wind tunnel models. Todd now works for General Electric in Niskayuna, NY, where he lives with his new wife Stacie and new dog Sam. Todd and the editor (who must refer to Todd as "Dr. Wetzel") often did battle on the hills of the Keystone circuit, and both still argue as to who beat whom last. In Todd's last season of racing, David and Todd tied in the Keystone points standings at fourth place, though Todd got the unofficial tie-breaker with his ravishing good looks. Todd is quick to point out that David only achieved his highest successes in racing after Todd stopped racing himself. Also, Eric Wetzel, former derby racer and now Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois, reviews these articles.