1992 All-American World Champion Masters #25

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    My racer is 16" wide.
    My racer is 14" high.
    The girth is 49 1/4".
    The lenqth is 84".
    The wheelbase is 65".
    The center of the rear axle is 78" from the nose.
    I weiqhed 85 lbs. on race day.
    The total weiqht was 236.
    My weight distribution was balanced.
    I used 1985 axles.
    My spindle settinqs were zero-zero.
    I didn't tilt my axles.
    I ran the suspension on my racer tight.
    I ran the tension on my steering cables snug.
    The ground clearance of my racer is 3".
    The size of my vision opening was at the driver's option.
    The location of the qirth on my racer is at 26" from the
    My cockpit openinq is 9" by 20".
    I didn't do anything special streamline the junction where the axles enter the body.
    I used bolts to attach the axle foils.
    I painted my axle foils black.
    I painted my racer powder blue.
    My floorboard is 1 1/2" thick.
    I did nothing special to make my  racer rigid.
    I didn't pre-bow my axles.
    The shape of my raceer was designed to fit the driver, and we didn't use any particular air foil for the body shape.
     I used a rocker suspension.
     I didn't use a dampening system.
     I used poyester resin.
     I used fiberglass cloth.
     The wheel pins were in the horizontal direction.
      I used fir for all of my wood.

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