by Tex Finsterwald

Editor's Note: Tex participated in car inspections at Akron this year.  I asked him to share his views about what he saw in the Scotties in their first year of competition. - Jim McMillan

    If anyone had any doubts about the future of the Masters Division, they should be gone now. The Scottie is THE Masters car of the future period. Also, the Scottie means that there will be a Masters Division for the foreseeable future.

    Overall, I thought that the Scotties in the All American looked quite respectable as a group. Certainly their performance was impressive if not surprising. The group reflected the wide range on skills and experience of the builders. Some of the Scotties showed the same high level of craftsmanship and attention that we have come to expect from the finest Masters cars around. Others showed less quality but certainly not less desire to compete. The existence of the Scottie itself has brought the Masters Division within reach of many families who would never have ventured into building a scratch-built racer. Hopefully these families will continue to improve their racers.

    Many of the top cars in the All American were built by families with literally generations of Soap Box Derby experience. Others, appeared to have at least been coached by experienced Derby people. These cars had the best headrest-helmet fits, the best cockpit fits, the roundest noses, smoothest airfoils and fillets, the best axle mounting systems, and exhibited the attention to various details that their builders felt were important.

    To summarize, the Scottie is the car that will convince people to move up to the Masters Division, and at the same time it provides a car for the advanced builder to exercise some of their thoughts and skills.

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