My racer is 14.00" high.
    My racer is 14.50" wide.
    The girth Is 49.00".
    The length is 84.00".
    The wheelbase 65.00".
    The center of the rear axle is 78.00" from the nose
    I weighed 96 lbs. on  race day.
    The total weight of the and driver was 250 lbs.
    The weight distribution balanced.
    I used 1991& 1990 logo axles.
    My spindle settings were -0-.
    I didn't tilt my axles.
    The ground clearance Is 3.00".
    I painted my racer candy red and white.
    I painted my axle foils candy red.
    My vision opening is 3.5" x .5
    The girth of my racer is at 39.34" from the nose.
    I derived my car body shape from my sister's car and lots of hard work.
    I streamlined the junction where the axles enter the body using fillets.
    I ran my suspension tight.
    I ran the tension on my steering cables medium.
    I ran an H-block type suspension.
    I didn't use a dampening system.
    I didn't pre-bow my axles.
    I used West System Epoxy resin.
    I used West System fiberglass cloth.
    I used basswood and fir for the wood in my racer.
    My wheelpins are in the horizontal direction.
    I attached my axle foils using bolts.

Special race day procedures I had were:

NDR is so much fun.  Just have fun!

Special features of my car are:

It has never been out of the final heat, 19 wins and 4 seconds.

Comments that might help others are:

Detail everything. Everything matters!

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