1990 All-American World Champion Masters #47

(Online editor's note - If anyone has a good color picture of Sami's car, I would like to scan it and put it here - please email us at jmcmillan757@hotmail.com if you can help)

My racer Is 14" high.
My racer is 13 7/16" wide.
The girth Is 49 1/16".
The length is 83 1/2".
The wheelbase Is 65 1/16".
The center of the rear axle is 77 1/2" from the nose.
I weighed 88 lbs. on race day.
The total weight was 236 pounds.
I raced 2 pounds tailheavy.
I used 1990 axles.
My spindle settings were 0-0.
I didn't tilt the axles.
I didn't pre-bow the axles.
I used a steel spring board suspension.
I ran the front axle loose and the rear tight.
I ran the tension on my steering cables tight.
My ground clearance was 4 1/8".
My floorboard Is 1 1/4" thick.
To make my car more rigid I used a 4" wide steel plate.
My vision opening was 3/8" high for the entire visor width.
I derived the shape of my car using the Mule 88E design.
The widest point of my racer is at 42" from the nose.
The cross-sectional area of the body is 156.6 square inches.
I painted my racer light green.
I painted my axle foils grey.
I attached the axle foils using 6/32 x 1 1/2" bolts
I ran the wheelpins In the horizontal direction.
I streamlined the junction where the axles enter the body using foam between the body and fairings.
I used TIM Lo-Profile laminating resin and 9 oz. fiberglass cloth.
I used an ash floorboard and old growth Douglas fir for the sides and top. I didn't have a dampening system.
My headrest is 29" long.

Special features of my car are:
Extremely small cross-section, 29" headrest, and a body shape with a very slim tail area.

Comments that might help others are:
Get an early start on your car - make the floor-board as stiff as possible, the kingpin area should be very strong and the car will be consistent all day.

Special race day procedures I had were:
In Akron I taped the waist of my shirt to keep it in the car and away from the steering cables. Screamed my lungs out! (Online editor's note: That's why she was known as "Sing'in Sami... )

Sing'in Sami's axle mounts were shown in the November 1991-July 1992 edition of Derby Tech.  You can view them by clicking on the links below.  They are large files.  You may have to print them to see the detail.  The rear mount drawing was printed in the poor quality reflected here.

Front mount drawing

Rear mount drawing

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