HEADREST HELMET SUPPORT - Derby Tech - March, 1985

John Watts from St. Albans, West Virginia, sent the following information for DERBY TECH to pass on to its readers. He has been advising a teacher who has four or five students building cars in his school shop. The teacher recently showed Mr. Watts how the students build headrest helmet supports.

Wax or silicone spray the outside and inside edges of the helmet. Apply two layers of 3 oz. cloth or matt onto the back half of the helmet. As you do this fold the material around the bottom edge of the helmet. when the resin has set peel the helmet out of the mold. Next trim the front edge to form the leading edge of the head rest. Trim and sand smooth the inside edge so it will not scratch the drivers head or neck. When the mold is finished fit it to the car and form the headrest. Comment: The helmet can be squeezed in at the sides to help streamlining. Do this before applying the resin/glass.

For more information on headrest construction see Bert Smith's fine article in November, 1984 Derby Tech.

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