1991 All-American Masters World Champion

Derby Tech - Nov. 1991-July 1992

Special features of my car are:
Tried building a pleasing curve or radius without giving up too much cross-sectional area.

Special race day procedures I had were: 
Systems check (brakes, helmet, steering, etc...)  Thinking about where to drive the car.  Rub the car down for smoothness with your shirt.  Psych out the other racer.  Look like you really know what you're doing

Comments that might help others are:
Don't eat a lot before each race, have small snacks to watch your weight.  Clear your head and concentrate on what you're going to do!  And if all else fails PRAY!!!!  Don't look for the other cars, just sort of push your car down the hill and put a death grip on the steering wheel, it keeps it from wobbling and just correct the turns.  don't make quick turns!

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