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Derby Tech was published starting in May, 1984 first by Ollie Brower and later by Bruce Finwall. We have received permission from Bruce to reproduce significant articles from this publication. It was the hope of the original editors, also shared by us, that by making this information available better, more competitive, and hence more fun Soap Box Derby racing will result. It is in this spirit that the following articles are posted.

Please note that most of these files are large due to the graphics embedded in the original articles. They are worth waiting for the download! This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape 3.0 and later. If you have problems reading the pages, it is best to simply print out the article.

Finally, we will be adding more articles as we get time. Thanks again to Bruce, Ollie, Todd, Stan and everyone else for supplying us with the source material.  And finally, a special thanks to David Seitzinger who has donated his Senior Car Construction Manual to the website.  With the new rules in 2004, maybe stick cars can be competitive again - at least for one year.

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