BUILDING TIPS - Derby Tech - February, 1986

by Andy, Heather, and Wayne Spyker

Tip 1

Do you get a little frustrated when you disconnect the steering cables from the from the front axle and the cable comes all unwrapped from the steering shaft?

Somewhere along the floorboard, put in a 1/2" or 3/4" round head or pan head screw with a 1/4" flat washer alongside each steering cable. Before disconnecting from the front axle, slip the cable under the flat washer and tighten down the screw to clamp the cable to the floorboard. After reconnecting the cable to the front axle, back off the screw and slip the cable out from under the washer. Your windings on the steering shaft will still be in place.

Tip 2

Find it tough drilling the bolt holes in your lead? Try moulding the holes in it. This works well if you make your moulds of wood. You'll need some 3/8" wood dowel. As you lay out the bottom of the mold, determine where the bolts will go. Using a 3/8" drill, drill into the bolt location to a depth of 1/4" to 3/8". Cut your dowel to length so it reaches at least to the top of your mold when placed in the holes you just drilled. Now tack a piece of wood from one side of the mold to the other over the dowels. You may want to put a brad down into the dowel to hold it straight. This will keep the dowels from floating out of place when you pour the lead into the mold.

After removing lead from the mold, you can punch the dowel out with a 5/16" bolt and hammer. If you have trouble with this, just run a 5/16" drill through the dowel. You'll find the hot lead caused the dowel to shrink just enough so that you end up with a clearance hole for your 5/16" bolts.

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