Soap Box Derby Computing

by Jack Murphy

On-line editors note: In the late 1980's, Mr. Jack Murphy published a series of articles in which he provided computer code to simulate various aspects of Soap Box Derby racing. In 1990, the programs were compiled into the simulator program listed here. This simulator runs on IBM type PC's under DOS. I have tested the program on MSDOS 6.2 and under Windows 95. Please note that this program uses DOS type graphics and text and therefore will not look like newer programs. However, the program provides a very good learning experience and is recommended.

I have provided the file in two formats, ZIP (2.04g) and as a self extracting EXE file. If you have the PKUNZIP utility, then you know what to do. If you don't have that program or are not sure, click on the EXE file version below. I suggest the following steps to use the program:

1. Make a new directory on your PC's hard disk called SBDCOMP.

2. Click on one of the files below. Your browser program will ask if you wish to view it or save it to disk. Save the program to disk in SBDCOMP.

3. Decompress the file called SOAPBOX1.EXE by either running it from the "File Manager" or "Your Computer" icon and going to the SBDCOMP directory. If you have PKUNZIP you know what to do. When you click on SOAPBOX1.EXE program eight (8) files will be created on your hard disk in the SBDCOMP directory.

4. Run the program by clicking on the file SBD.EXE

5. Have Fun!

-Jim McMillan

EXE version of Soap Box Derby Computing (106 kb in size)

ZIP version of Soap Box Derby Computing (91 kb in size)


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